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Hello! My name is Andreia Batista and in 2018 I decided to give an opportunity to a hobby that I had been following for a few years, turning it into my profession! I graduated in Speech and Language Therapy (which I practiced for 9 years) and in 2018 I started an Interior Design course at Lisbon School of Design. The strong digital component of the course (2D, 3D and Rendering) made me fall in love with this area and direct my focus towards it. Therefore, since 2019, I have been working as a freelancer creating images for Architecture and Interiors, while also complementing my training in a self-taught way, through research, courses and exchanging knowledge with people in the same area. I started the activity with Sketchup and Vray, but quickly realized that I needed something more and migrated to 3DsMax and Corona. As I worked and studied, I gained basic knowledge of Photoshop, Premiere and, recently, Chaos Vantage which will allow me to further explore video rendering. I am aware that there will be even more to learn despite all the path already done and, it is in this sense that I am also contacting you. I found your company during my research and made the decision to introduce myself, show my work and possibly create some kind of professional synergy. I live in Costa da Caparica - Portugal, and I currently have a workspace with hardware and software suitable for the work in question so a remote situation can be possible. I also have time for new projects, new knowledge and learning and, above all, the desire to go further.


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