Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions related to 3D agora

1. What is 3D Agora?

3D Agora is the world's first -and only- architectural rendering marketplace platform tailor made for the architectural visualization industry. We created 3D Agora to enhance professional working relationships between 3D artists and clients of the architectural rendering market. We understand the in-depth intricacies of the industry, both from a sales and technical perspective. All the functions developed into 3D Agora serve to eliminate struggles that might occur during the delivery of a 3D rendering project. On our platform you can easily upload any prospective projects in need of 3D renderings and either make it public and wait for 3D artists to approach you. Alternatively, Clients can seek among the listed 3D professionals and invite them to work. Tailor made project collaboration board, advanced commenting system, sped up, efficient communication, secured money transactions, mutual reviews… all is made to secure 3D Agora members a frictionless project delivery process.

2. Why is 3D Agora better for the delivery of 3D visualization projects than other well-known online collaboration platforms?

We developed 3D Agora's core functionalities to best serve 3D artists and their clientele, and specifically designed all the functions for the 3D architectural visualization industry to enable frictionless deliveries of 3D rendering projects. Read on to learn more about how we surpass other working platforms.

When uploading a project to 3D Agora, Clients can instantly post their projects with 3D rendering needs optionally make it public or not visible on 3D Agora listings. Clients can either start to invite from the great listings of talented 3D Artists or can wait for 3D Artists to apply for their projects directly.

3D Agora enables 3D Artists to deliver their 3D rendering projects through the 3D Agora collaboration board, which will result in more efficient deliveries, less missing comments, and less risk of losing information. All information during the delivery will be communicated at one place, making sure that both parties will experience a frictionless delivery process of the 3D visualization project. Everything data exchanged is secured in the cloud and easy to track back in case it's needed.

We're an all-in-one platform. 3D Agora collaboration board was uniquely designed to deliver 3D architectural renderings. It makes sure that the communication between the client and the 3D artist is clear, consistent, and all in one place. 3D Artists can upload their architectural rendering previews on the Collaboration Board, where Clients can directly place their comments on the previews by drawing on the images, making text comments, adding reference files etc… This ensures no stone goes unturned. We take care of 3D Agora members. Comments are documented by the system and saved in the cloud to guarantee all work is done according to the initial agreement and everything remains trackable.

We make sure Client’s money is safe and that 3D Artists receive their fair compensation after delivering their beautiful 3D renderings. Clients need to deposit the full project fee on an independent deposit account held by Stripe (3D Agoras’ payment system provider) after price offer was accepted and before the 3D rendering artist starts to work on the 3D visualization images. The deposited funds will only be released towards the 3D Artists bank account, once the Client is satisfied with- and accepted the final 3D renderings.

3. Why is it better to use 3D Agora to find a 3D artist for rendering projects, rather than other collaboration platform providers or browsing search engines?

We’ve simplified things here. Trying to find the right 3D architectural rendering artist is no easy feat! It’s a specific niche and searching the web or your local listings aimlessly might bring you some results, but also hard to validate their trustworthiness and compare. Instead of spending time and energy comparing 3D artists from various sources, dip your toes into a pool of curated and reviewed freelance 3D artists and 3D visualization companies.

Easily browse, filter, select and compare 3D artists on 3D Agora based on their portfolios, experience, skills, reviews, ratings. If you find the perfect 3D Artist, you are just a click away to invite them to work and receive their offer.

4. How does 3D Agora earn money?

3D Agora charges 3D artists a commission after every delivered project. 3D Agora uses a tiered commission structure including 20%-16%-12% commission rates. Newly signed up 3D Artist’s start with a 20% standard commission rate and later with increasing total earnings through 3D Agora they will be able to unlock the lower commission rates. Once 3D Artists have reached the 12% commission rate, they will have it for their entire 3D Agora account lifetime.