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How We Streamline Collaboration

Our mission is to streamline collaboration between 3D Artists and Clients in the architectural visualization industry.

With 20+ years of experience, we know the industry from both the sales and technical perspectives. We created a platform that eliminates common issues that arise in the field and therefore enhances the professional working relationship between 3D Artists and Clients.

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Why choose 3D Agora?

Quality Assurance

Access a community of peer-reviewed, verified 3D Artists and Clients.

Search by Specialty

Use advanced search features to find exactly what you need.

Seamless Project Management

Track feedback with 3D Agora’s proprietary collaboration board.

Secure Payments

Experience peace of mind with secure financial transactions through Stripe.

Rapid Feedback and Comment System

Never waste time on long email chains and web transfers again!

We won’t let technological issues stand in the way of creativity. Experience seamless project management with the 3D Agora Collaboration Board.

Key Features:

Easily track feedback and documents
Comment by drawing on images, writing text, or adding reference file
Get notifications about new input
All information is securely stored in the cloud
3D Agora - Rapid feedback and commenting system

How does it work?

Post Your Project

Post your 3D visualization needs on our platform—it only takes a minute. Make sure you clarify your specific requirements to make sure you get access to the most suitable 3D artists to complete your 3D rendering job and in return you'll save a lot of time on unnecessary misunderstandings and modifications.

Select & Hire

You have two ways to hire rendering artists on our platform.

1. Let 3D artists find you and apply for your projects. Make your 3D visualization project publicly visible, sit back and wait for the applications to arrive.

2. In case your project is confidential, and you don’t want to list it publicly, you may also proactively browse talented 3D artists' portfolios and directly invite them to apply for your project.

Work & Approve

Work together with the 3D artist of your choice in a frictionless way. Working through 3D Agora's revolutionary project collaboration board—where you can directly draw on the preview images, add reference files or leave numbered text comments—it will be impossible for the 3D artist to miss any important information. When you are confident that you like the final 3D renderings, you can accept the delivery of the 3D visualization project and the project will be flagged as completed.

Rate & Finish

All funds deposited for the project will be held safely in an independent deposit account held by 3D Agora’s payments system provider Stripe, until the final 3D renderings are approved and accepted by the client. The project fee is secure and will only be released to the 3D artist once the project is completed successfully.

Upon the successful completion of the project, you will be asked to rate your counterparty in order to increase the safety of the community and ensure that subsequent clients get a clear picture about the 3D artist’s previous performance. Naturally, 3D artists can also leave feedback on clients.

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