Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions related to 3D agora

1. How do I REGISTER as a 3D artist?

Registering on 3D Agora as a 3D Artist is ridiculously easy. To start landing 3D visualization jobs, click on the “Login/Register” button on the upper right corner. Select the “Register” option and select register as a “3D Artist.” Provide your registration email address, create a password, and then press the register button to continue.

You’ll receive an email with a confirmation link. By clicking on the “Verify Email Address” button in the received email, you will be automatically redirected to your 3D Agora profile page to continue completing your profile. You can register as a company or a freelance 3D Artist, depending on your selection, you will have to fill in all necessary fields, which won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Profile Information Checklist:

  • First and last name
  • Tagline
  • Location
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Spoken languages
  • Specialization areas
  • Minimum price/image
  • Image capacity/week
  • About you (Tell us anything you think will help Clients who you are and what you are capable of) Tip: Be specific and realistic.
  • Portfolio images (Naturally, for a 3D artist, showing a portfolio of beautiful 3D renderings is crucial. Let other users know what you’re capable of! Show off your best work in as many different fields as possible, like residential, office, commercial, etc. and as many perspectives like interior, exterior, overview, etc. Tip: Tag each image you upload by type and perspective. The Client’s search results are dependent on tagging.
  • Profile cover image

After the above profile information is all completed, you will be directed to your custom-made 3D Agora dashboard, where you will be asked to complete your billing details and complete your stripe profile registration. Stripe is 3D Agora’s partner, providing the in-built payment system solution, so you can get paid swiftly right after delivering your projects. Do not worry, these steps will take you only a few minutes!

2. How will I start getting 3D visualization jobs?

Our platform helps 3D Artists to access prospective 3D visualization projects in two different ways:

A. Clients can select you for their 3D visualization projects. Once a client uploads a project to 3D Agora, they will have the ability to invite listed 3D visualization artists to bid on their rendering project. Clients can list, filter, and select 3D rendering professionals with the help of 3D Agoras’s tailor-made listing feature. Keep in mind the more images you upload and the more diverse you make your portfolio (type and perspective), the higher your chances will be to get selected for a project.

A 3D artist’s reputation is crucial to success. Clients can leave a review of their working experience with you, so be sure to always stay professional and try and meet their needs the best you can.

B: You can apply for listed 3D visualization jobs. Once you registered as a 3D artist, you can browse through the projects listed by the Clients. Click on the “3D Projects” button on the top menu to access the list of available projects with 3D rendering needs. You can filter the list based on your preferred project criteria to find the best fit.

In case you want to have clarifications about the task before applying, get in touch with the Client directly through the 3D Agora messaging system. The Client should return a message with the required info. If everything is clear, place your offer and wait for the Client to approve.

A personalized dashboard will help you to keep things organized. Here you can keep track of all your activities, including pending invites, active projects, and stay on top of your stats.

3. I got an order, what now?

Congratulations! You landed a 3D rendering project. Now it’s time to deliver stellar work. The 3D Agora Collaboration Board will guarantee you frictionless delivery of the ordered 3D renderings.

You can directly upload your 3D rendering previews to the collaboration board, and Clients can submit you their comments in several ways, including drawing directly on the uploaded preview images, adding texts, attaching reference materials, files to the comments etc. All information is kept safe by 3D Agora, in case you have confusions later, you can easily track back the communication flow.

4. How do I get paid?

3D Agora is committed to ensure that you get paid, hassle-free. Use our integrated payment system to get funds deposited and paid out once the 3D visualization project is completed. We’ve partnered with Stripe, a leading global provider of payment solutions. As a 3D Artist you only need to input your personal date, bank account information and the requested the necessary document to confirm your identity. When the account is complete and you get verified, you’re able to receive payments instantly to your bank account. To ensure our architectural rendering artists fee is secured, clients must deposit the project fee through Stripe before the delivery of the 3D renderings begins. Stripe keeps the sum in escrow until the final 3D renderings are delivered and accepted. As soon as the Client accepts your final delivery, the deposited fee (minus the 3D Agora commission) will be immediately released to your personal bank account.

5. Why can I give maximum 85 days as deadline for the projects?

Due to international law and regulations, Stripe -our 3rd party payment system provider- can hold funds in escrow only for a maximum period of 90 days. To be safe with timing, 3D Agora enables 3D Artists to give a maximum timeframe of 85 days for the deadline of projects. At the 85th day the funds will be returned to the Clients account and 3D Agora can manually send out a new deposit link for the redeposit of the funds. In the meantime, the collaboration board of the project will be uninterrupted, work can continue without a disturbance.

6. How can I receive the money that I got through Stripe to my bank account?

After the Client has accepted the final images sent through the project’s collaboration board, the funds deposited for the 3D rendering project will be automatically released to the 3D Artist’s bank account and be received within a few business days.

7. How can I make sure my clients are satisfied with my work and that I will be selected for future upcoming 3D rendering projects?

As an architectural rendering artist your reputation is always on the line. Naturally, you want to deliver outstanding work to increase your chances of being selected for further 3D visualization projects.

Follow these tips and tricks below to deliver top-notch work each time and maximize your chances to get selected for subsequent 3D rendering projects:

Choose projects that align with your skill sets:

Use the 3D Agora filtering function to only list 3D project types that you have experience with, and you're qualified for.

Before you send your offer for a rendering project, make sure everything is crystal clear. You should have every question clarified about the 3D visualization job scope of work and what the client expects from you. If you have any questions, get in touch with the client on the 3D Agora messaging system to get answers before sending your offer for the rendering job.

No one likes a late delivery! Check the deadlines of the 3D visualization project carefully and make sure that you can complete it before it expires.

If you feel uncomfortable with a client or project for any reason, don't hesitate to turn it down. It's better to spend a little extra time finding the right 3D visualization project for yourself instead of ending up in a situation that is a bad experience for you and the client.

Be accurate, punctual, and follow all requests:

Paying high attention to details is crucial for a successful 3D rendering project delivery. Pay attention to all the major and minor aspects and carefully follow the requirements and comments of the client.

Once you send your 3D rendering previews, you'll receive comments on them from the Client through the 3D Agora project collaboration board, in the form of direct drawings on the preview images, numbered text comments, reference files attached to the comments for clarification purpose etc.… Please make sure that you double/triple check all comments and do your next preview renderings accordingly. The 3D Agora Collaboration Board was exclusively designed to support this workflow.

Please make sure to deliver on time. If clients' actions or extra comments are causing extra work, let them know right away to avoid any surprises. On the project’s collaboration board, you can request an additional project fee (extra charge) from the Client during the delivery of the project if necessary.

Communicate professionally:

At 3D Agora, we expect all our 3D artists and Clients to behave professionally. In all cases, clear, straight forward, polite, and consistent communication style is vital. Keep your client up to date on your progress to give them peace of mind and avoid unnecessary frustration. Communication between the 3D Artist and the Client should always remain transparent, consistent, polite, and professional. Keep in mind 3D Agora upholds high standards of professionalism. We understand that sometimes the world of 3D rendering can be stressful, but please always remain cool, calm, and collected.

Ensure Client satisfaction:

In this industry, sometimes, we must expect the unexpected. If a stressful situation arises, we recommend 3D Artists to take the extra time to directly solve the issue with the client to avoid any unnecessary disputes that would not benefit any of the parties.

Remember, 3D Agora is an open platform, meaning Clients will have the ability to leave public reviews about the experience they had with the 3D rendering artist. Naturally, 3D Artists can also leave a review about Clients! 3D Artists with excellent customer reviews will have the chance to land far more 3D visualization jobs. Therefore, always strive to produce top-quality content.

8. How do I find projects that I'll be great at?

To find the perfect 3D rendering jobs for yourself, use the 3D Agora search functions and filtering system to your advantage - that's what it was made for! We want to make finding 3D rendering jobs and making a nice living from 3D rendering jobs easier. The filter criteria and curation system are specifically designed for the 3D rendering industry. Once you have a project on your shortlist, make sure you also communicate with the Client on the 3D Agora messaging system to clarify everything before entering into a work agreement.

9. How does 3D Agora help me to manage my work?

You're never alone when partnering with us! 3D Agora's Collaboration Board is designed specifically for the delivery of 3D rendering projects. Upload previews and receive comments in the form of drawings directly on the preview renderings, numbered text comments, reference files etc. We've carefully created a commenting system to make the workflow as simple and consistent as it can possibly be. By using the 3D Agora collaboration board for your 3D rendering projects, you will minimize the chances of missing comments, information loss, or having other types of complications with the Client.

All comments will be kept safe in the cloud through the Collaboration Board so 3D artists can quickly check back anytime. We hope you take advantage of this because it was tailor-designed for 3D Artists like you.

10. Why should I work through 3D Agora?

Working as a 3D artist can be rough, but we try to make it a bit easier.

What will you get if you become a member of 3D Agora?

  • Access to a big pool of clients
  • Incoming flow of new inquiries, projects
  • Free marketing. 3D Agora has a continuous significant budget for marketing spendings to continuously increase its Client base
  • Being able to deliver your 3D rendering projects through the 3D Agora collaboration board, which will result in more efficient deliveries, less missing of comments, less risk of loosing information and as a result, good reputation, and higher profits for the 3D Artist.
  • Payment guarantee. If the 3D artist delivers a project, he will instantly receive the project fee. Clients need to deposit the full project fee on an independent deposit account held by Stripe (3D Agoras’ payment system provider) after price offer was accepted and before the 3D rendering artist starts to work on the 3D renderings. Once the Client accepts the final 3D visualization files, the funds will be immediately released towards the 3D Artist’s bank account.
  • You will build a reputation and presence. Good work will eventually pay off at 3D Agora. More and more good reviews will result in getting more and more new 3D rendering projects.
11. How much money can I earn if I work through 3D Agora?

We'll never tell you how much you should charge for your work, that's up to you. We do recommend keeping your 3D visualization prices realistic and fair based on your experience and skill set. We do not recommend going in a price battle with other 3D Artists, it will not benefit the industry, including yourself. Plus, there's no limit! Naturally the more you work, the more you earn.

12. How much does working on 3D Agora cost me?

Creating a 3D Artist account on 3D Agora is free! You will only be charged a commission once you have successfully delivered a 3D visualization project and the project fee was released towards your bank account. 3D Agora uses a tiered commission structure including 20%-16%-12% commission rates. When you create your account, you will start with a 20% standard commission rate and later with your increasing total earnings through 3D Agora you will be able to unlock the lower commission rates. Once you have reached the 12% commission rate, you will have it for your entire 3D Agora account lifetime.