Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions related to 3D agora

1. How do I register as a Client?

Joining 3D Agora is just a breeze. Click on the " Register" button on the upper right corner, and then select register as “Client”. After providing your registration email address and creating your password, please go ahead and press “Register” again.

You'll receive an email with a confirmation link. By clicking on the "Verify Email Address" button in the received email, you will be automatically redirected to your 3D Agora profile page where you can continue to complete your profile. You can register as a company or a private person, depending on your selection, you will have to fill in all necessary fields, which won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Profile information checklist:

  • First and last name
  • Company name (in case you select "company”)
  • Name of representative (in case you select "company")
  • Title of representative (in case you select "company")
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Your location country
  • Upload profile image

After the above profile information is all completed, you will be directed to your custom-made 3D Agora dashboard, which will help you to keep things organized. Here you can keep track of all your activities, including pending invites, applications, active projects, and stay on top of your stats. Before you hire the first 3D Artist to complete a 3D rendering job, you will be asked to complete your billing details as well. You can easily do this under settings/billing details.

That's it! Now you're ready to browse some of the best 3D visualization artists on the web.

2. How do I post a project on 3D Agora?

If you've already completed the registration process, filled in your billing details, then you're ready to find and hire some of the best 3D Artists on the web. As a 3D visualization Client, you can post your projects with 3D rendering needs directly on the platform.

To give a clear description to candidates, you will need to fill out the following information fields to describe your 3D visualization project:

  • Project name
  • Project Type
  • Location
  • The perspective of each image
  • The total number of images for each perspective
  • Budget per image (optional)
  • Target deadline
  • Project description (be as specific as possible)
  • Upload all available supporting documentation for your project

In the project description field, you can provide every crucial information, details about your project, and describe what you wish to accomplish. Please keep in mind that providing detailed and accurate information greatly reduces the risks of any misunderstandings or 'surprises' during the delivery. We do suggest taking your time here. The clearer and more concise you are, the better your chances of matching with the perfect 3D artist and reaching the desired results.

You have the option to either make the project publicly listed so all 3D Artists can see it and apply for it, but we also understand if a project is confidential and cannot be published. In this case, alternatively you can also set your 3D rendering project to invisible on the listings. In this case the project will not appear on any 3D Agora listings, but you can manually still invite the pre-selected 3D Artists to work it.

We ask you to upload the available plan documentation, 3D models, reference images, pdfs, text files, and any other supporting documentation you think will ensure the 3D rendering artist has a very well-defined scope of work. Please make sure to exclusively upload final documentation and 3D models to 3D Agora to avoid unnecessary extra work for the 3D Artist. Updating any of the supporting materials after the 3D Artist already has started to work on your 3D renderings might result in extra charges. No one wants that, right? Let's try to avoid it if we can.

We naturally understand that some of the project information can be confidential and cannot be published. In this case you can always share the confidential information with the 3D artist once you’ve started to work together on the projects’ collaboration board or the in- built 3D Agora private messaging system. All 3D Artists on 3D Agora have accepted the GDPR compliant 3D Agora General terms and Conditions that will protect your confidential information to be disclosed to third parties

All that's left to do now is click on the "Post the Project" button and start inviting superb 3D artists and receiving applications for your project.

3. How will I receive applications & invite artists to work on my 3D visualization project?

Receiving applications for your 3D visualization project - Once you post a new project, it will be made available for the 3D artists for application. If an artist applies, you'll receive an instant notification so you can take a look at their proposal. To keep things organized, easily track all active projects and pending applications on your personalized 3D Agora dashboard. You are also able to make a shortlist of your favorite 3D Artists by marking them as your favorites.

Naturally, you may need to clarify specific details about your project. We recommend communicating with the 3D artist before accepting an application to avoid any misunderstandings and problems down the road. You can chat freely through our integrated instant messaging system.

Inviting 3D artists to work on your 3D rendering project - Want to take matters into your own hands? -Browse, list, filter and select artists based on your criteria and invite them to send a price offer for your posted 3D visualization job. Once your project is registered, you can do a quick search to seek 3D rendering artists with relevant job experience and expertise.

Use the "Invite" button to get in touch with the right 3D artist for you. Once you and the 3D artist agree on the scope work and your price offer gets accepted, they can get started on your project!

4. I got an offer from a 3D Artist for my project, which fits my budget; how can I hire her/him to complete my project?

We're happy that you are ready to approve an offer that you got from a 3D architectural rendering artist who matched your requirements. You can move forward by accepting the 3D Artist’s offer. Once approved, the 3D Artist can get to work. Please keep in mind that to be able to accept a price offer, you will have to have your billing details completed on your dashboard. Once you accept an offer, you'll gain access to the project's Collaboration Board and the work can start at full speed!

5. What is the 3D Agora Collaboration Board?

The 3D Agora Collaboration Board is a project delivery system tailor-designed to guarantee you the frictionless delivery of your ordered 3D renderings.

The 3D Artist can directly upload angle suggestions, 3D rendering previews to the collaboration board, and Clients can submit their comments in several ways, including drawing directly on the uploaded preview images, adding texts, attaching reference materials, files to the comments etc... All information is kept safe by 3D Agora, in case you have confusions later, you can easily track back the communication flow.

6. How do payments work?

The safety of our clients and 3D artists is 3D Agora's number one priority. After the acceptance of an offer, but before the 3D Artist would start to work on the 3D visualization project, clients must deposit the full project fee into an independent technical account held by Stripe. The deposited funds will be kept safe on this independent account held by Stripe during the project delivery phase and will only be released to the 3D artist’s bank account once the Client is 100% satisfied with your final delivery and officially accepts the final image files on the collaboration board.

7. How can I ensure my 3D rendering project will be successful?

Provide detailed/accurate/precise information.

First and foremost, it's vital that Clients give as much detailed information about their project as possible. If you send a 3D model, plan documentation or any other supporting material, we ask that you send the most recent/up-to-date version to avoid extra or unnecessary work for the 3D artist. This also eliminates the risk of additional charges for Clients. We get it; Clients want smooth, successful deliveries of 3D rendering images. The more accurate info you pass along to the 3D Artist, the better your chances for success.

Communicate your comments in a clear/consistent way.

Once the 3D artist begins a 3D visualization job, you will soon start to receive 3D visualization previews. You can open the preview 3D renderings inside the 3D Agora collaboration board and can start to add comments in the form of drawings directly on the preview image, text comments, add reference files for clarification etc... Please note that after you submit a comment round, the initial comments made cannot be changed. You will still be able to provide remarks/clarifications under comments, but your initial comments will remain in the system. The 3D Agora collaboration board was tailor made to make the 3D rendering delivery workflow as frictionless as possible and minimize the risks of missing comments, information loss or any other misunderstandings with your counterparty.

8. What if I am not happy with the delivered 3D rendering?

We'll be bummed to hear if you're not pleased with the final 3D visualization images! Although we're confident you'll be happy. One of the core values of 3D Agora is that 3D artists are rated based on reviews given by past clients they have worked with. In case a 3D Artist has bad ratings, sooner or later he will not be curated by the system. However, unfortunate situations or unexpected circumstances can pop up. If you and the 3D artist are having a dispute, please contact us at the 3D Agora Helpdesk to report the problem. One of our reps will jump in to mediate. Keep in mind; your payment will only be issued to the 3D artist once you have accepted the final 3D renderings. Your money is safe!

9. Will 3D Agora charge Clients a fee?

No, clients are not charged any fees or commissions by 3D Agora.

10. How can I get an official invoice for the work delivered?

3D Agora will generate a sales receipt automatically between the Client and the 3D Artist after the delivery of each 3D rendering project. Need an official invoice as well? No problem! After completing the 3D visualization project, you can still request it from the 3D artist on the collaboration board of the project. We' re very positive they'll be glad to assist!

11. How do I find the right 3D Artist for my rendering project?

Finding the perfect 3D visualization artist match made in heaven can be made easier by providing ample and accurate project details when posting your project to 3D Agora. To make things even simpler, we will give you a list of recommended 3D artists based on the information you provide. All you need to do is be detailed and accurate (no detail is too small) to ensure you get the best possible matches for 3D Artists!